Far-right party leader calls Nazi era a 'speck of bird poop' in German history



In chicago public schools so shocking tribune article shows quote police investigated five hundred and twenty three reports that children were sexually assaulted or abused from two thousand eight to two thousand seventeen as an eighth grader a black magnet elementary tomorrow read told the newspaper she received texts from substitute teacher aaron williams banks telling her he wanted to have sex with her and wanted her to send naked pictures to him i will home in my mom she kept telling me wait it wasn't my fault i think that the students who were covered in this report were extremely brave chicago public school co janice jackson is pledging reforms in hiring disciplinary actions and training elizabeth matthews of fox tv affiliate w f l d in chicago the co leader of the farright alternative for germany party dismisses the nazi era as a speck of bird poop in german history drawing condemnation from mainstream politicians and outrage on social media alexander gaulan degrees germans must take responsibility for twelve years of rule by adolf hitler and the nazi party but argues it's only a small part of germany's history one politician called gallons comments a slap in the face to holocaust survivors and their descendants it's a bird it's a plane or is it the cell flying vehicle known as the calmer the calmer inches currently being designed and tested in israel with keen interest and support from the israeli military but the long term plan is for production to move to the united states and for both pilotless amd piloted models to be available for military and civilian emergencies urban 'aeronautics says it hopes to be producing the calmer and here in the us by twenty twenty two the company calls it a win win for everyone israeli technology us production and potentially countless lives saved in los angeles jonathan hunt fox news i'm an carrick fox news.

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