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Well. There was an incident where a nine fifteen convoy was passing us, and we always let them pass us because they were faster. We were governed like forty five miles an hour just because of the weight that we were hauling. We couldn't go fast, they hit I and two people died, but to know that they had passed us and we ended up having to stop and we couldn't go around that. And it was just one of those situations where it's like two people burn alive in a truck that could have been someone known. And so it brings the reality home for the most of us, it made us feel really lucky is something I don't like to talk about it. It's you get this like guilt factor where you know that could have been me or what could I have done more to help them like maybe they could live, but it's like the orders as it stood from our people are commanding off. Officers were? No, it's not safe for you to get out of the trucks. You can't do anything because once a convoy stopped the likelihood of something happening increases three fold. In those scenarios. You know, I wish that that would have ended differently, but just knowing that just half a mile, not even that farm front of me. You know, because I was always in the front of the convoy second truck. It's a really particular kind of powerlessness and when the CARA would have to endure again, and again during her deployments, the empowering thing about the army for her was also the most limiting your job is to do your job. That means when it's time to fight you fight. But when it's time to shut up and drive fast, what you have to do, Karen new in her heart, that as part of the bigger picture, they didn't need a head driver, rushing all around trying to help wounded or retaliate against the enemy. But that didn't mean it sat well with her still. Will she found a way to do our part where she could I volunteered to be on a detail to help make the podiums for the memorial service for those two people. That was the only way I felt I could give back but dust because I couldn't do anything in the moment, you know? And you see the the sixteen in between the boots and then they usually put their helmet. The reason why I felt like helping make these podiums was a big deal is because people that knew them would stand at those podiums and speak and tell about their experiences in like what those two people were like, you know. And so for me, I didn't have a story to share. I didn't have a story to tell. I didn't even get a go to the memorial that they held for them. But I felt like the first way to try to get any kind of peace of mind was to try, and instead of pretending that it didn't happen like doing something for it because there's other people that need that closure. Since her time in the ROTC CARA had worked to make sure she was doing her part that nothing was lacking in her performance of her duties and that whatever she was called upon to do she did. But as the deployment dragged on and the fighting continued her battle, fatigue would come more from not being able to fight then from combat itself. Once you hairline starts making that March away from your forehead. You know, you have some decisions to make for decades. The decision was between letting your hair go and spending a fortune trying to keep it keeping it meant I making an appointment and then schlepping to the doctor's office to try and explain why you were a good candidate for hair loss treatment. That doesn't have to be the case at all anymore. For him dot com actually was founded in direct response to the difficulties of getting hair loss treatment. Their notion was to take common easily diagnosed issues for men and remove the anxiety and tedium of going to the doctor when there's a well known solution to a common problem. Why make it hard to fix after all more than two thirds of men suffer from hair loss by the time they're thirty five and that number just goes up as you get older. And of course, hair loss isn't the only problem that faces men as the age ED starts to become an issue for forty percent of men over forty and that percentage only increases as you get older, both of these issues. Have scientific solutions that is medicine, not herbal solutions or any other kind of snake oil. But for a really long time, it was tough to get your hands on medical solutions. It isn't anymore two things happen that may the him solution possible. The first was the patents ran out on formerly expensive drugs that addressed hair loss ED, making them affordable for people who need them. Second, the technological revolution, telemedicine, gain, traction, leading doctors, do some

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