Trump Team Demands Full Disclosure of FBI “Spygate”


To talk now still view a mayo news at six thirty good morning i'm barbara bridge fifteen thousand caps fans cheered outside capital one arenas the washington capitols win their first ever stanley cup game last night sports is coming up pepco reporting outages in north west at this hour long sixteenth street near rock creek golf course pepco is evaluating the situation police investigating the accidental death of a three year old little boy in alexandria who fell out of window at skyline towers apartments in skyline in alexandria police say the boy was with family members when he fell through the screen a memo drafted by former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe on circumstances leading up to the firing of fbi director james comey has now been turned over to the special counsel investigating russia's election meddling the memo reportedly concerns a conversation mccabe had would deputy attorney general rod rosenstein about his preparation for commes firing the national park service has reached an agreement with a nonprofit veterans organization allowing it to take possession of created remains cremated remains rather left at the vietnam veterans memorial and then bury them with full honors checking your money the dow opens the day at twenty four six sixty eight nasdaq at seventy four sixty two sports sponsored by panera bread.

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