Businessman Bill Browder, Putin critic, briefly detained on expired Russian


Kremlin critic accuses russia of abusing an interpol system of warrants it led him to be briefly detained in spain bill browder campaign for america's magnitsky act which imposed us sanctions on top russian officials accused of corruption it was named after mr brown former lawyer sergei magnitsky he died in suspicious circumstances in a russian prison in two thousand and nine this morning mr bradford tweeted that he had been taken into custody by spanish police in madrid on a russian interpal arrest warrant batch after an hour he was then released and said interpol headquarters had told spanish police not to on a russia's request the bbc's naomi gremlin listen problem say they've arrested and and man watch it in the us for cyber fraud and extortion done over the internet totaling an estimated seven million dollars news and analysis at townhall have you seen or been concerned about the homeless population here in anchorage and wondered if you gave someone a couple of bucks would it be going towards food or would it be going towards some other bryce if you want to reassurance that your contribution going towards food a warm bed clothing and not enabling vice consider giving a one time or a monthly gift to the gospel rescue mission maybe you think that your gift won't make a difference the anchors gospel rescue mission can assure you that your gift of any amount can and does make a difference in fact it only takes about two dollars to provide a.

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