Active Shooter: school-shooting video game removed from sale



The top local stories recovering for wednesday may thirtieth outrage prevents the online distribution of a video game that shows the shooting of school children just days before its scheduled release komo's joel moreno spoke with a local woman who led the effort to stop it the game is called active shooter early demos were available on this website called steam but then mercer island mom got involved and it was game over it was clear that this was just patently offensive content and it was obviously created for shock and awe stephanie robin says she'd never seen a video game quite like it she's been horrified by recent school shootings in florida and texas into her the game active shooter was over the top i think this one crossed the line because the main focus was about shooting children in a school reached out to bellevue based vow the company that was going to host active shooter on its platform steam but says she got no response then she launched this petition on change dot org and within days had more than one hundred seventy five thousand people demanding that the game be pulled valve did an aboutface removing the game and the developer from its site that's komo's joel merino reporting a fight between two junior high school boys left one of them with a stab wound the other in police custody columbia junior high school in fife was locked down yesterday after the incident komo's lamonica peters tells us what some parents had to say after hearing about that fight someone got stabbed at my school and i'm in lockdown that's the scary text message todd hi it got from his daughter while he was at work tuesday morning he rushed to columbia junior high school in five to make sure she was okay i guess it's terrifying to the kids that are involved certainly to the parents that get tax that i'm hiding in a corner with the lights off a student was taken to mary bridge children's hospital with a stab wound to his back and he's expected to recover after the two boys fought police say they quickly arrested the other student that's komo's lamonica peters reporting doesn't families are looking for a new home after a fire in kirkland.

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