United Airlines settles with owner of puppy that died in overhead bin


Of animals after a family dog died in an overhead bin announces a settlement united airlines in a statement says it's deeply sorry for the tragic accident and has worked with the family to reach a resolution following a pr nightmare for the airline after a ten month old of french bulldog named coquito died on a flight in march after an attendant insisted the dog be stowed in an overhead bin instead of underneath the flyers seats in its tsa compliant dog carrier as is standard practice the dogs suffocated united isn't disclosing details of the settlement jeff monosso fox news behind the scenes on capitol hill today to closed door briefings one for two top republican lawmakers the other for a bipartisan group of lawmakers documents related to the russia probe republicans are hoping secret documents will reveal more about an f b i informants contacts with the trump campaign senate democratic leader chuck schumer questions and motivation of republicans fox's rachel sutherland in dc schumer accusing trump administration of trying to undermine the russia probe government forecasters expected busy hurricane season in the atlantic and it may start sooner than you think view official government hurricane season outlook calls for a rather active atlantic hurricane season this summer and already there is a storm system in the southern gulf of mexico being watched for tropical development noah's dr jerry bell says it's a reminder to be prepared there's over eighty million people between the continental us between atlantic coast and gulf coast that could potentially be impacted by a hurricane federal forecasters say ten to sixteen name and storms could form this year with as many as nine growing into hurricanes in miami evan brown fox news in our to close on wall street stocks remained lower the dow is down eighty nine points brady fox news.

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