Florida, Founder and Jimmy Buffett discussed on AM with Michael Hart


Was her name because he'd be called a grandma mac i'm gonna stick my foot up your that was dead there was no chicken and biscuits after church new surrey when your grandmother has a room in her apartment dedicated solely the cases of beer and i'm serious about this and it was carleen black label wrought iron cans yeah the all the oak lassic pop tops that's one of the things you know you talking to young people and you know when when jimmy buffett sings the line stepped on a pop top had limp on back home i think a lot of people don't realize what that even means because back in the day even if you drink a coca cola pepsi whatever the top actually came off there was a time in this country where people would make garland chains for their christmas trees at a beer pop tops boy the way glenn miller played chidi old lasalle great isn't

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