Santa Fe senior class balances grief and memories with celebration at graduation ceremony

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor. Johnston President Trump's top economic advisor is downplaying anger from US allies over the administration's new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Speaking on Fox News, Sunday, Larry cudlow says Trump is trying to fix the world trading system, not break. It was president from day. One wants to reform. The world trading system is not working, and there is so much unfair trading at illegal trading practices. There is virtually no reciprocity here Kudlow remarks came after finance ministers from the group of seven industrialized countries held talks in Canada. This weekend. China's says it won't buy more US goods. If the Trump administration goes ahead with plans to raise tariffs on Chinese imports, the warning comes as commerce. Secretary. Wilbur Ross concluded trade talks in Beijing today, emergency crews are airlifting people trapped by fast moving lava. From kilowatt volcano on Hawaii's, big island, Jackie young from Hawaii, public radio reports. Search and rescue missions are being conducted in isolated areas. Today, emergency crews are working to extract residents after a large half mile wide active lava flow, closed all access to the Kahal community and the vacation land subdivision civil defenses, instructing residents in those areas who ignored mandatory evacuation orders to get to designated landing zones of I state Senator Kyko Kelly said during an overflight on Saturday evening that he witnessed trap residents. The active lava flow was so hot. It evaporated all the water in the centuries, old green lakes, the largest freshwater lake in the islands, lightweight volcanic glass known as Pele's hair named after the goddess of fire and has it as gases continue to be health rates for NPR news. I'm Jackie young in Honolulu. Seniors at Marjory stoneman Douglas high school. School in parkland, Florida graduated today, diplomas were presented to the families of four seniors killed in the February shooting. NPR's, Greg Allen reports. There was also a surprise guest speaker. NBC tonight show host, Jimmy Fallon told the students. You're not just a future, you're the president, keep changing the world. He said he met many of them at the March for our lives, rally in Washington in March, several hundred Marjory stoneman Douglas seniors. Their families and friends attended the ceremony at arena. In sunrise, Florida often used for hockey games. The school district said, the ceremony was closed in the media because students asked that it'd be kept private afterwards. Those attending said it was a celebration, but somber, the families of four seniors killed in the February shooting were given standing ovations when they received the diplomates, the mother of slain student walking, Oliver war shirt. That said, this should be my son, Greg Allen NPR news, sunrise, Florida. This is NPR news in Washington. North Korea's state news agency says, Syrian President, Bush are all sawed plans to make a state visit to Pyongyang. United Nations monitors accused the two countries of cooperating on chemical weapons, which they deny President Trump has twice ordered air strikes against Syria to punish Assad for suspected chemical attacks on civilians. A new report says more than forty percent of children in Afghanistan. Do not attend school Jennifer glass reports from Kabul the report by the United Nations, children's agency, UNICEF, and the Afghan ministry of education acknowledges that Afganistan has achieved enormous progress in education since two thousand one. When the Taliban had forbidden girls education and supported mainly religious schools. The report says there are still many challenges and girls are far more likely to miss out on education than boys because of cultural barriers, including child marriage, poverty, fighting displacement, migration, and natural disasters are. All factors that keep Afghan children out of school. The ministry of education has a national strategic plan that hopes to address some of these problems. But in a country where statistics are difficult to calculate this report will serve as a baseline to measure progress for NPR news. I'm Jennifer glass in Kabul. Tunisia's defense ministry says at least forty six migrants have died after their boats sank off the Tunisian coast sixty seven others were rescued Tunisian officials, say some one hundred eighty migrants were fleeing for a Europe when the boat went down. I'm Windsor Johnston and you're listening to NPR news in Washington.

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