Concealed Carry License Holder Shoots Attempted Armed Robber


Story at a time good morning i'm felicia middlebrooks good morning breakfast lovers i'm pat cassidy we've got a few showers in the mix this morning they won't last it'll be cooler says accuweather you'll see a little sunshine temperatures falling this morning then they'll go back up to a high of sixty six degrees sixty eight now at o'hare our top local story on newsradio few robbers got more than they expected while trying to hold up a man of the south east side last night let's go to the street for details from wbz bernie to foia scotto police say a sixteen year old boy and three accomplices walked up to a sixty three year old man and another person on eightieth and oglesby and pulled out weapons and demanded the victim's belongings the sixty three year old is a concealed carry permit holder her and pulled out his own gun and fired shots hitting the sixteen year old in his right knee the other three suspects ran away turns out the teenagers gun was not real and he was taken to a hospital in serious condition detectives are investigating reporting live bernie newsradio on one or five point nine fm state police say a chicago firefighter was driving the wrong way and the northbound lanes of i fifty seven sunday night when he was involved in a crash killing him and another driver fiveyearold bryan scofield came from a big family big family from the south side of the south side irish arrivals both scofield's brother robert tells wbz beyond that ryan was older when he started the fire academy run we saw so he tried hardy but everything everything he did and what is the most talented guy but he made the most of what he had robert scofield says his brother brian had two adult daughters and grandchildren and to fourteen year old daughter just graduating from grammar school very driven to do well in school steve miller.

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