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Netanyahu to meet Merkel for talks on Iran


The relative winner indian bodies czerny bloomberg daybreak europe german chancellor angela merkel will host benjamin netanyahu in berlin today and maybe the start of a cool reception as the israeli leaders instrumental role in the us withdrawal from the iran accord bloomberg's patrick donohue has the details netanyahu encourage president donald trump to scrap us participation in the nuclear agreement while miracle is called the move a historic mistake while mecca was ensure that germany is one of israel's strongest allies her government has been openly critical of netanyahu's policies in gaza and settlements in the west bank in berlin batter donahue bloomberg daybreak europe and at least twenty five people have been killed on chevaux qena erupted in guatemala many remote areas have been cut off from the country's president said some regions are in a state of catastrophe global news twenty four hours a day on air and take talk on twitter about by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm the unguaranteed this is bloomberg anna leeann thank you now with the morning sport is joe townsend england cricket captain joe roots praised fast bowlers james anderson issue abroad after victory over practice down in the second test at headingley secured a series draw the taken almost two thousand tests where he's between them for face criticism after england poor performance in the only match lords northern ireland summits all ended in a three nil defeat by costa rica both the central american teams micro neil side based or play england this.

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