Stillbirths linked to syphilis in California at highest level since 1995


That it was under this legal requirement we need to know what facebook was doing to prevent these apps from getting illegitimate access to this data facebook says it will investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of data before a twenty fourteen switch that limited such access jillian york of the electronic frontier foundation says that switch for years ago has helped protect data but says facebook should still provide more information to users on how they can control their data they're great on certain areas of privacy such as reminding users how to change their their photo settings or there are other things that users can do to make sure that they're not inadvertently leaking data to apps and those those things are outlined on afs website but facebook doesn't make them easy for users to access according to a monday blowing post from facebook the two hundred apps that have been suspended could be banned if evidence is found that they misused user data keith makoni kcbs basically told kcbs that it has already taken steps to make it easier for users to control their personal information on the site and that these efforts are ongoing the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases in california reached a record high last year the department of public health said that more than three two thousand cases of cla media gonorrhea and early syphilis reported last year that's a forty five percent increase compared to five years ago rates of our highest among young women men account for the majority of syphilis and gonorrhea cases the departments directors urging sexually active people use condoms and get test it'd regularly a new study says the majority of americans believe that the federal government is doing too little to protect key aspects of the environment more from cbs news correspondent bill rakoff brian kennedy was one of the researchers on the pew study sixty nine percent of us adults said the federal government's doing too little to protect water quality of lakes rivers and streams and sixty four percent said the federal government's doing too little to protect our quality kennedy says the large majorities of americans including majorities of both political parties favor expanding solar and wind turbine facilities the political divides remain over fossil fuels bill rakoff cbs news washington kcbs news time eight thirty five most folks can never fight him see in their diet a little extra can help but too much is bad for you treating well magazine doctor henry fishman with healthwatch vitamin c isn't antioxident that prevents scurvy healthy collagen building blocks of protein those folks get in a c in.

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