2018 primary day election results — live updates


Of primary election day california voter turnout in orange county higher than expected and officials say it's because a lot of people are registering to vote today knx ten seventy s cooper ronald joins us live using santa ana people are taking advantage of california's new same day voter registration law the line out the door all day long i think it's great that there's a lot of people out here and i wish that it could be a little bit more convenience but she says she's happy so many people want to vote register voters new delhi says inperson turn out is just a bit higher than the two thousand fourteen midterms but was really telling to me is that the vote by mail turnout is much higher than twenty fourteen so we're seeing about a thirty percent increase he's the battle for congressman ed royce as soon to be vacated seat is driving turnout along with gop congressman dana rohrabacher tough battle against several challenges from both sides of the aisle state senator josh newman is also fighting to keep his seat in a recall election reporting live in santa ana cooper rummell knx ten seventy newsradio some people in la county got us surprise when they showed up at their polling places ready to votes than one hundred eighteen thousand la county voters are wondering what happened they showed up at their polling places today and their names were missing from the roster of eligible voters turns out printing glitch caused those names to just disappear that's the word from the la county registrar recorder's office which issued a release saying the glitch affected one thousand five hundred thirty polling places it's described as a random issue with the print job that ran the paper rosters but not to worry the glitches not preventing people from voting anyone whose name is not on the roster is being given a provisional ballot at their polling places and their votes will be counted in the election returns once their registration is confirmed i'm interviewing dean logan right now and i'll have more details for you coming up at seven o'clock diane thompson knx ten seventy newsradio leaders of california's democratic and.

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