Chris Farley's family sues Trek over name of fat-tired bikes


This is fox on justice chris farley was a gifted comic actor a saturday night along with a number of hit films that's from tommy boy part of farley's comic appeal was due to his manic energy and his weight around four hundred pounds can actually hear you getting fat he died of a drug overdose in nineteen ninetyseven chris farley's family just filed a lawsuit against the bicycle maker nineteen why because trek bicycle is out with a new line of bikes with big fat tires they named the bikes farley or did you do the family is asking for ten million dollars in damages that's gonna leave a mark feing track is treading on chris farley's fat guy image to make a profit the suit was filed in madison wisconsin where farley was born about thirty miles from waterloo we're trek is based we don't take no for an answer with fox on justice hank weinbloom fox news this is.

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