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Welcome to the good news podcast. I'm calling. I'm Neil. We're here to share with you all the sonic joy. We can find good news and delightful moments, beaming rate here years from the cards against humanity studio in Chicago. But first here are a few bad things that aren't going to happen today as much as you might wish. There won't be a French revolution style peasant uprising in the US today, and you won't have to worry about a sabertooth tiger knocking door. They did. Neil. I have a great idea for road trip the spring. I'd love to go on a road trip, right? Yeah. Do you like road trips? I do like road trips zicklin and you can tell physique. The snacks smack is a love snack trip. So let me tell you what I've got a road trip for you. It's the national corn bread festival. It's happening April twenty eighth twenty. Ninth in south Pittsburg Tennessee. And according to the website, it's a weekend long celebration of corn, bread and corn, bread related activities. Are you interested? Totally interest, love corn, bread, hooked. I get angry when I accidentally by jalapeno corn bread. Oh, yeah, I would be because I want the regular kind well in my butthole can't take it. Hall has no. Yeah, it's a flower. It's like a little to let my little Rosebud. This audio post card from a past national corn. Bread festival is by big, shed audio producers shea Shackelford, and Jennifer dear. I love you can't live without corn green and you got to cook it in that Skillet to. What kind of bread do we have. No ashes. No wonder you guys are great, good. We love that. This is hoping hauling. Get hold of every, you know why you holler, though. That's great. You're right. We've got some opinion they now what about here? Here's my momma, make cornbread. She hated the cast iron Skillet real hot with good bit of grease in the Skillet, but she took that Skillet out of the of an import that hot grease into the corn bread batter and let let kind of sizzling I'll walk all kinds of corn bread, but GP cornbread Meeks off the shale got on that in college. Everybody college because two reasons it was cheap and it was sweet. She's gonna make for us this morning. The apple surprise Gordon Bray, Chelsea, what kind of ingredient. Really, really is interesting. This is probably the best part of this is watching these kids watching the kids is more fun than watching the grownups they and they really seriously just real serious about what to do. Minute I have to check it and if it's not good enough, I have to have say, fob, marines. Ratings. And a little bit of man is the sounds gross, but it's absolutely fabulous and you mic setup and you ate your own corn bread with it. It can't be. It can't be corporate basically was poor man's food that everybody loved to this day. My favorite meal is penned up in corn, bread and butter, milk. We are. Been gone, Greece mail operation Dolan the not thing. Only one. The Cormick hearing in an arsenal harvester one, long win. I grew up in the hills of West Virginia, and we took corn to the mill. We took to bushel the Miller a bushel and he ground bushel and you brought that home with you, and I don't want southerners to lose their recipes and the things that they're moms can and they're great mothers dead. So I'm hoping this whole festival will go home and figure out how to make the cornbread that their that their mom Ray mother made and not lose. Wonderful. Thanks for listening, good news, great. Or maybe you wanna tell us a joke or an idea. Also great Email us at good news at cards against humanity dot com, or leave voice mail at seven, seven, three, two one, seven, zero one, five, six. You can also tweet us at the good news pod. Most of our music is by potting conveyor same place, same time tomorrow.

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