LeBron, Cavs looking to turn around Finals at home


This is this even a smith show podcast steve day come to our number two back stephen smith show espn radio coming at you as i love to do every weekday two hundred and fifty plus markets across the united states of america plus espn radio on sirius xm and approximately nine minutes or so junior welterweight champion of the world super lightweight champion of the world thirty two and twenty three kale's his name is terence crawford arguably the best pow pow fighter in the world fighting the mgm grand in vegas this out of night world boxing organization wb l welltowheel tight or the world versus jeff horn looking forward to that fight no question about it and obviously before we talked to him reminding you that will come in at you live from cleveland ohio side of game three and four at quicken loans arena wednesday in friday night lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers trying to stave off elimination down to and his best of seven nba final series of the golden state warriors game three is tomorrow night at the q and obviously i think they need to bench jr smith stockpile kover make sure that you know of couple of guys get some planned tom like rodney hood rodney hood korver should start jeff green tristan thompson keep them in there and lebron james has to go beserk but we can talk more about that i was spent the first hour talking about president trump and his cancellation of.

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