Soldier who led police chase in armored vehicle charged with driving under influence of drugs

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh, the US faces, its closest allies and trading partners this weekend at the g. seven summit for the first time since the Trump administration announced last week, it would impose steel and aluminum tariffs on the European Union, Mexico and Canada. Quebec is hosting, America's allies are already preparing to respond in kind. The European Union says it plans to impose additional duties on some American made imports starting July NPR's. Eleanor Beardsley reports at today. The EU signed off on a list of more than three billion dollars worth of retaliatory measures. European Commission. They use governing body says the tariffs should be in place by the end of June, the amount corresponds to the value of e you metals, exported to the US. The u. considers Washington's tariffs on it's stealing aluminum illegal. It is also filed a case against the US at the World, Trade Organization, French president Emmanuel Macron tried. Unsuccessfully to convince President Trump that the best way to counter a glut of Chinese steel on the world market is through coordinated action by economic allies and modernisation of international trade rules on the list of targeted American products are corn, rice, bourbon cigarettes, t shirts, makeup jeans, and motorcycles. Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris a new NPR Mara's poll finds that for many Americans, Amazon is becoming synonymous with online shopping. NPR's Alina sell you reports of Americans who shop online. Almost all of them say they have shopped on Amazon. The big number is ninety two percent. That's the portion of online shoppers who have ever bought something from Amazon according to the new NPR Marras bowl. That's close to two thirds of all Americans and among them more than forty percents say they buy something on Amazon once a month or more frequently, in fact, are both found that when people go shopping on the internet, they are most likely to start directly on Amazon, but. Forbid of irony or perhaps a glimmer of hope depending on who you are when we asked online shoppers including specifically Amazon shoppers, whether they would in general prefer to shop in stores or online and majority answered the store, nod the web Alina. So you NPR news for as an Trump's commuting, the life sentence of Alice Johnson days after reality, TV, star, Kim, Kardashian west went to the White House to plead for Johnson's release Johnson is a sixty three year old. Great grandmother who was sentenced more than twenty years ago to life behind bars with out the possibility of parole for non violent drug offenses. She was convicted on eight counts related to a cocaine trafficking operation. Appellate judges in the US supreme court rejected. Her appeals proponents such as credentialing. West argued life in prison was too harsh kadarshian west later tweeted. Thank you to the president and his his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is working on prison reform. This is NPR news. Ceremonies are being held to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Robert Kennedy's assassination. Thousands of people turned out today at Arlington, National Cemetery for memorial service, former President, Bill Clinton said in his remarks at the late senator's legacy is relevant today. He would go into a working class neighborhood and tell them exactly the same thing. He would say in a poor neighborhood of African Americans. He would stand in the Senegal and say the same thing, he would say at a knights of Columbus meeting among those also in attendance was Emma Gonzales parkland mass shooting survivor who is now, one of the prominent faces of a national student led movement for greater gun control. Gonzales, read quotes from Kennedy speeches, Virginia state police have released the identity of a man arrested last night after driving an armored personnel carrier through downtown Richmond Mallory, no pain of member station of you've. ETF has details. Joshua Abbott has been charged with alluding police using an unauthorized vehicle and driving under the influence of drugs according to state police. He's twenty nine and lives in Richmond, the national guard says he served more than eleven years and was deployed to Afghantistan in two thousand eight. He's currently assigned to a unit based in Petersburg, that unit was doing training. When y- Abbott drove the armored vehicle away. He drove more than fifty mile. From fort Pickett to downtown Richmond police, followed him most of the way he finally stopped near the state capital where he got out and was arrested for NPR news. I'm Mallory no pain in Richmond. This is NPR.

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