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A happy ending for the owners of a lost dog the search began at about nine forty this morning when a holland tunnel security guard spotted the schnauzer makes jumping into the hudson river the search continued for more than an hour before the the dog was finally found under a nearby peer the port authority says they've since track down the dog's owners and it appears that rosie had escaped from their home in chinatown and then ran twenty two blocks to the river the dog is microchipped and home again it sent out an alert they have now marked rosie found on their website a family is recovering after a bear attack in colorado the family of four was in a camping area and larimer county north of denver colorado parks and wildlife says a man was inside a tent that was trampled by the bear that man was taken to a hospital with injuries they believe the bear was likely attracted by food smells now tramps have been set up and officials are trying to track the bear to remove it from the area it's the second known bear attack in colorado this year correspondent alex stone reporting wins news time three thirty six as he swings through europe the israeli prime minister is finding strong resistance to at least one of his policy benjamin netanyahu's aggressive stance against iran is not gaining any support here the french finance minister in paris is told him that his country is pushing to maintain european trade with iran which is allowed under the nuclear deal earlier this week netanyahu met with french president macron and german chancellor merckel who both reiterated their support for the accord next stop for the israeli leader london correspondent tom rivers an investigation by a group of senate republican says the obama administration secretly sidesteps some sanctions kept in place after signing the thousand fifteen nuclear deal with iran according to the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations in two thousand sixteen the treasury department issued a license that would have allowed iran to convert nearly six billion dollars held a bank in oman into euros by first exchanging the money for us dollars they note that the license was legal but that the administration never told congress about it samantha b plans to address her controversial comments about trump but our tv show full frontal tonight previously be admitted she crossed the line with vulgar remark about the.

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