David & Christen Limbaugh Know How to Write on a Popular Level


I am talking to the authors David Limbaugh and Kristen Limbaugh bloom of a new book, the resurrected Jesus, the church and the New Testament. And at the end of last segment, I was just I was mid rant. I was ranting because I get that all the time, where people who have spent decades, let's say, on as Bond Hoff or scholars or whatever. And they look at someone who has a BA in English and they say, what right do you have to write about this? And you realize that's kind of the problem is that it's very rare that you find an academic who can write on a popular level. We could almost analogize this to the experts who hate Trump because he is in a career politician, but I won't go the second. No, no, no, but it's exactly the same principle. It's precisely the same principle. It's like somebody says, I am a professional politician. What right do you have? Well, the founding fathers created a situation where average people are supposed to govern themselves Cincinnati and his plow, you come, you serve, and then you go back. The idea of the career politician, the professional politician, it's the same misunderstanding that you have in the world of writing and the academy. It is. And this is true of law books, they're written to other law professors, not even to practicing lawyers, law professors. And they're elitists and showing off. The same thing, I don't think the theologians are showing off. But they do ride on a higher level of some commentaries are more light level. But one thing I learned to bridge this gap is I, one of my early mentors said, I said, I don't understand this commentary. I want to understand this, commentary. Well, I mean, I've been steeped in it for 20 years. You'll get more. The more I read, I do get the jargon. Well, here's a great thing. I think I can introduce readers. We can introduce readers. And she's been into this too. It my behest, of course. I deserve all the credit. And we can introduce readers to the brilliance of commentators by kind of rewording what they say. And then they would never even hear these people, you know? And there's some great ones out there. I don't know what you think. Well, I think of it. Well, John Macarthur and what a jerk. Yeah. Actually, I like John Macarthur very much. He's amazing, but you just, but you actually, you touched on something. And this is why I get so animated about this. You're doing exactly what I do in most of my books. You are a popularizer. You're basically saying like, look, I'm not going to spend 30 years studying this, but I don't need to God didn't create me to do that. Other people have done that. What I can do is read their stuff and help allay reader understand some of the best of what they have to say. And that's what I do in most of my books and it's exactly what the two of you are doing in these books. I know that for a fact. I mean, as I see it here, I think that that's exactly what you're doing.

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