Sen. Ted Cruz: Everyday, More Illegals Should Go to Martha's Vineyard


Ted Cruz says this should not be the end of all of this. He says that every day, every day we need to be sending more and more illegals to Martha's Vineyard, cut 11. To put in perspective, Martha's Vineyard is a town, its population is about 17,000. The median home price is over a $1 million. Let's compare it to Del Rio Del Rio is a wonderful town in Texas. It's down on the Rio Grande valley. It has a population of between 30 and 35,000. In one single day at Del Rio, there were 15,000 illegal immigrants, mostly Haitians, crossing illegally in one day, as you know, I went down to the bridge and I videoed over 10,000 illegal immigrants under that bridge, Martha's Vineyard lost their mind with 50 and the little town of Del Rio and towns all up and down the Rio Grande valley are dealing with hundreds or dealing with thousands. Let me say Sean, I commend Greg Abbott for sending the immigrants to these blue cities. I commend Ron DeSantis for doing so, and they need to do more tomorrow. Martha's Vineyard needs a hundred. The next day they need 200. The next day they need a thousand D.C. says it's a crisis to get 6000. They need 10,000 they need a 100,000. They need 500,000 because Joe Biden has allowed 4.2 million people to come in illegally. And I know these rich billionaires say, well gosh, you people just let them eat cake. Well, how about having the obamas host these 50 people in their $12 million compound? Wait a minute. No, no, no. None of them.

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