No One Can Possibly Be Excited for the President's Cup

Fore The People


Well, like I'll sell it. I'll sell it for pennies on the dollar, you know, outside the gate, good night. That's my daughter. She's just, she doesn't know what to do about the world of golf. Got context today, by the way, first time at a glasses. Volleyball got hit in the face with glasses, had to switch to context. Anyway, that's sitting there. Yeah, tough adjustment. I'm sitting there and I have this corporate ten or whatever. I'm like, dude, I wasn't live versus PGA Tour for the president's cup. Call it the freaking traders cup. Call it whatever the hell you want to call it. Yes. Yeah, streaming on Pornhub, platinum subscription. I don't give a shit what happens like people are going to tune into this thing like you've never even seen or heard in your entire life. Right. It's going to be tenfold of what it is right now. And I don't even want to discount how good the players are for the international team that are going to end up making it that never would before because they're a lot better than you and I are. However, it's not the same. And then the PGA Tour teams watered down too because they're missing some of their best guys. Right. So if you're listening to this and you're really intrigued about watching the president's cup, you're a free con serial killer. You go around, stocking people, where's the body? Let me know that type of situation. That's basically what's happened. There's no way anyone's excited to watch this. No. And I don't even know what it is. I don't even know what month to sit, I don't know. I only know where it is. That's the thing. I have not kept up with it at all. I don't care. And the problem is, I should care because I have friends. In it, and I don't know where it is. Sam Burns plant. Sam's plan. Yeah. And I have no idea where it is, when it is, no idea. I know that Sam won't even see the 13th pole. He won't even see it. No, like, whoever he's playing doesn't matter. He's like, he's a piece of two shot advantage every time he plays. And speaking of, like, that's a thing. Yeah, I don't even know the captains are. I believe it's Davis love. Is that correct? Is the captain of the stateless love in Trevor implement and I feel horrible because Trevor Owens a nice guy. Trevor Spence, he lost his he lost his best guys. I guess he gets Hideki like, can you clone a decade? Like, I don't know, like who cloned the first sheep. It was at in Scotland, go over to that guy, clone Hideki 11 times before this thing starts, and maybe we'll have ourselves a freaking golf tournament. Well, yeah, maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. No, I said maybe credit to myself for saying maybe. Maybe we would. 11 a decades might have a chance. Possibly, I don't know. With the current team, absolutely 0%, no chance at all. I don't know what the money line is on the United States in that one, but man. It's gotta be it's gotta be minus it's gotta be -900. I'm gonna look. You spend a million put a million on it to make a hundred grand. Like, come on. It's worth it though, 'cause it's a lock. I made that up. Let's see what it really is. It's worth it. It's a lock. But anyway, I mean, that's one of the things though. The golf golf needs this shit to be over with. This squabble. Minded 500. USA's -500. That's it. Oh my God. That's pretty bad. That's pretty bad, honestly, though, because they give you fluff. Like the internationals are plus that moon 50. Match play is a little bit of a carnage shell, like you know that. You can play best fall on both players can be 6 under and you can lose to two guys that shoot 74, but they best fall 7 under, right? However, -500 seems like

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