Joe Biden Is Going Full Dictator


Joe Biden appears to be at least in his rhetoric going full dictator on a complete with the optics of dictatorship and all. Let's start with the image, which I'm sure you've seen, this is Biden kind of holding both his arms up, you know, very much fascist style. You have all kinds of imagery of Mussolini doing this. You have Adolf Hitler, one of Hitler's standard postures was not the two hand but the one handed fist where he'd be kind of putting his fist up here. And so Biden had a almost a blood red background and he had soldiers to marine standing on either side in a kind of creepy nocturnal imagery that was downright chilling downright scary, and even people who aren't all that political like the barstool guy, he's like, hey, I'm watching sports, I'm slipping the channels and I see Biden and he goes, I'm not even gonna talk about the content of his speech. I'm just talking about because the guy looks like Hitler. And then, of course, liberals were like, wait a minute, you know, George Bush posed with the military behind him. It's a completely different. If you look at the two pictures, George Bush is standing there and he's got he's got he's got marines behind him. It's a daytime address and the point is not that having the U.S. Military makes you a dictator. Of course not, aided, but it is the imagery of the fascist imagery of the blood red, the fists, and the military used in such a way that it's essentially a warning to you, warning to the citizens, look what look at the force I've got behind me.

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