Journalist Julie Kelly on the Endemic Corruption in the FBI


I'm back with Julie Kelly. Julia, I was asking you about the fact that the Democrats can't stop themselves, it seems they tried to impeachment, they tried Russia collusion, and it looks like this is they're on a quest in search of a crime. They have their target, they have their suspect, they have their person they want to indict and it's just a matter of what do we get this guy on. And interestingly, it seems that so much so many of the pundits and the media and so on are all sort of brazen disregard of law. They really are. So going back to what you said at the end of our first segment, Debbie is right. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that. But of course, she's seen how this plays out in places like Venezuela. But also, we see that this DoJ is producing all of these imaginary charges. I mean, you have this DoJ, Matthew gray is the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, who is charged about 20 Americans with seditious conspiracy. This is such a rare charge. There's not even sentencing guidance for it. No American has ever been convicted of it. Yet Matthew graves managed to go to a grand jury in Washington D.C. city that voted 93% for Joe Biden convinced them that nonviolent people like the oath keepers who walked into the building and opened door carried no weapons, assaulted no one. Didn't even vandalize property, that they somehow are guilty of seditious conspiracy. So this Justice Department doesn't have to convince anyone except a grand jury in Washington D.C. of these imaginary crimes. I mean, you have people going to jail for years on a charge of obstruction of an official proceeding, which I think is one of the counts that they are going to try to charge Trump with.

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