Investigative Journalist Julie Kelly on the Whitmer Trials: Round 2


I'm back with investigative writer Julie Kelly, who has been covering this beat like no one else. Julie, I want to talk about a matter that not unrelated, actually, because it might supply the original formula for the DoJ's action. And that is the resumption or the second trial that's going on now, just started, I believe jury selection is ongoing. This is for the two defendants who had a hang jury or who are not convicted, but they were also not acquitted. We know that the other two defendants, I believe, work with, talk about what's happening in this sort of Whitmer around two and connected to what's happening with Trump, but also with January 6th. So it's very interesting. So to your point, the DoJ has decided to retry two men accused of conspiring to kidnap and kill Gretchen Whitmer in 2020. The other two defendants four of them went to trial in April 2 were liquidity remaining to head hung jury. So DoJ is retrying them. Of course, this has to do with the heavy infiltration, actually the FBI came up with the whole plan, stitched this group together based on social media posts had numerous informants working out a multiple FBI field offices required approval at the highest level of DoJ and FBI one agent testified in April. So they're retrying these meant what's interesting dinesh is listening to jury selection on Tuesday. This is a heavily trumped supportive area in western Michigan. And you had jurors and you had the judge ask about distrust in the government and at one point he asked jurors to raise their hands if they had heavy distrust in the government. And you could hear the judges reaction. Now, just imagine this is jury selection, the day after these people found out that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago. And my contention is that this is going to backfire on the government that the DoJ and FBI have created such distrust that people who once were automatically as people on the right supporting the FBI and law enforcement now will view them so skeptically and cynically that it could backfire in this trial and result in the acquittal of two more men

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