Pastor John Amanchukwu Shares His Personal Journey


John. I should have done this right at the beginning. I just jumped in because I know you and I wanted us to just get busy with the meat of our discussion. But tell us your story because you said from the beginning you don't see America as a racist country. You see it as the greatest country. You do see it as a sinful country, which of course it is, because why human beings live in the country, and we are all fallen. And if you are a country of sinners, then the nation will be sinful as well. Will you tell us your personal journey and how you got to be past the John today and how you arrived at where you are? Yes, thank you so much. I was born and what we call are the wrong side of the tracks. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My mother took care of four children taking care, making no more than $28,000 a year. We lived in a shelter for nearly a year when we moved from Elizabeth city, North Carolina to Raleigh North Carolina in just the fast forward to today. You know, you can go from living in a shelter in America to now having your book on a shelf in Barnes and nobles if you work and if you labor. And if you are productive. As relates to me writing the book erased during the summer of 2020, while liberal mayors and governors were telling people in their state to defund the police and to stand back all around the country and allowing anarchists to burn down city after city while being at one of the busiest abortion clinics in the southeast, a black father walked up to me and he said, why are you out here fighting a white man's issue? And this day he was wearing a BLM shirt. He was out there to abort. His child, but he tells me why are you fighting a white man's issue as if fighting against abortion is a white evangelical problem or issue alone.

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