Ex-nurse sentenced to probation in patient medication death


Former former former former Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee nurse nurse nurse nurse who's who's who's who's medication medication medication medication error error error error kill kill kill kill the the the the patient patient patient patient has has has has been been been been sentenced sentenced sentenced sentenced to to to to three three three three years years years years of of of of probation probation probation probation I'm I'm I'm I'm Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas with with with with details details details details as as as as far far far far as as as as her her her her and and and and December December December of of of twenty twenty twenty seventeen seventeen seventeen Redondo Redondo Redondo Vaughn Vaughn Vaughn injected injected injected Charlene Charlene Charlene Murphy Murphy Murphy with with with the the the wrong wrong wrong medication medication medication leading leading leading to to to the the the seventy seventy seventy five five five year year year old old old staff staff staff he he he if if if you you you haven't haven't haven't heard heard heard she she she was was was found found found guilty guilty guilty in in in March March March of of of criminally criminally criminally negligent negligent negligent homicide homicide homicide and and and gross gross gross neglect neglect neglect of of of an an an impaired impaired impaired adult adult adult sentence sentence sentence in in in this this this case case case will will will be be be ineffective ineffective ineffective three three three year year year sentence sentence sentence but but but judge judge judge Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Smith Smith Smith said said said bought bought bought concert concert concert for for for time time time on on on supervised supervised supervised probation probation probation this this this fault fault fault is is is well well well aware aware aware of of of the the the seriousness seriousness seriousness of of of the the the offense offense offense she she she immediately immediately immediately and and and consistently consistently consistently accepted accepted accepted responsibility responsibility responsibility for for for her her her actions actions actions and and and she she she credibly credibly credibly expressed expressed expressed remorse remorse remorse in in in this this this court court court earlier earlier earlier Murphy Murphy Murphy son son son Michael Michael Michael told told told the the the court court court no no no one one one my my my mom mom mom the the the way way way my my my mom mom mom was was was as as as though though though she she she would would would more more more slayer slayer slayer bowl bowl bowl no no no jail jail jail time time time Bach Bach Bach told told told the the the family family family she she she sorry sorry sorry the the the public public public outcry outcry outcry over over over her her her criminal criminal criminal conviction conviction conviction for for for a a a medical medical medical mistake mistake mistake was was was over over over shadowing shadowing shadowing Charlie Charlie Charlie Murphy's Murphy's Murphy's death death death at at at one one one I'm I'm I'm Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas

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