Kimberley Johnson on How Trump Ruined Bipartisan Mainstream Media


We you pointed this out, but it's just this mainstream media stuff just drives me insane. You were saying, I don't even hear them cover. They've covered Democrats doomed so many times. I know you're missing the Democrats and pulled ahead in generic polling. There's new polling showing Biden and Harris beating Trump beating desantis showing Harris beating desantis. And they just don't, they're so hard. They never report on that. Yeah. They're just so we D to this storyline, right? And meanwhile, like you said, I think roe is a huge thing, but I think it's not even the only thing. Like, look at the most legislatively successful president since LBJ with a 50 50 Senate. I mean, it is truly every barometer 50 year low in jobless. I mean, the jobless numbers just came out Friday. I mean, I don't know how you can spin it anymore that Biden is an incredibly successful. What do you make of the approval numbers for him because to me it's just this relentless mainstream media coverage that I don't know how we overcome it? Yeah, I mean, I think I know CNN, the guy who wants CNN is like Friends with Donald Trump. Obviously, these people who own, I don't know how many there are who own the major cable. And then obviously the big papers. You know, they're wealthy and unfortunately in some cases wealthy business owners, which prefer Republicans because they get all the tax breaks. And you know, and then they have the friendships and whatever. And I don't know the behind stories, but yeah, there's, you know, the fairness doctrine going away. Right. And 24/7 news that is reliant on views clicks and attention. I think that's where it's coming from an unfortunately people are more concerned about clicks and dollars than they are about just getting the news out. What we used to be as a country where it came to news and we could all no matter what party you were in, go to that ABC News NBC News CBS world news tonight, whatever it was. And we could all just, you know, we might not agree, but we all believed them. Right. No longer happened. We killed that. Right.

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