The Case for Ending The Fed With Steve Bannon


Joining us right now is Steve Bannon. Steve had a very big weekend at cpac Steve. Welcome to the program. I want to play a piece of tape at you at cpac and we'll go from there. Let's play cut ten. We don't need to audit the fed. We need to end the Federal Reserve. The federal reserve has you surf as you surf has usurped its power and the power of the American people in our elective representatives. And no, they do not have the consent of the governor. We will not comply. We will not submit. And it must be ended. Steve, that sounds like Ron Paul, floors yours. Exactly. I hope to take it, you know, he was a great inspiration, but we hope to take it one step up. Ron Paul, who had his entire presidential campaign around about money and currency, you know, is a great warrior and a brave man. I'm not a libertarian. But I understand that the administrative state and particularly the global apparatus is funded by the central banks. And it's outrageous that the evidence today is so much even more overwhelming than when Ron Paul laid it out for us. From 2008 to right now, Charlie, you know, what the $23 trillion they've printed, the 9 and a half trade they put on the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve is just increased the power and concentration of wealth in our nation. 0.5% of the American population own more assets and wealth than the bottom 90%. This is exactly what the framers fought a revolution to avoid. They wanted to get away from the landed aristocracy in Great Britain and the mercantile class in Great Britain. And we are back to this oligarchy. What we have is a combination of state capitalism and authoritarian government

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