Are The Republicans Going To Blow 2022?


We have a bunch of results from Republican primaries across the country. And what they are showing is sort of a mixed record of candidate selection from Republicans. This is not been a major surprise given the fact that Republicans very often nominate candidates in what are supposed to be wave years who are kind of sketch. You remember this in 2010. There were a bunch of Republican candidates in what should have been lean our races who seemed out of the box and then ended up losing very winnable races, Republicans have an unfortunate tendency in primaries to select the people who they think are the most passionate. The most potentially game changing. And then those people go on to lose the general election. The famously William F. Buckley suggested that the art of politics when it comes to primary voting is to select the rightmost candidate who can win and very often Republican voters forget that last part of the sentence who can win and they just select the rightmost candidate and understandable mistake. This is complicated by cross currents from president Trump because so much of American politics has now become a litmus test on loyalty. And so when president Trump attacks a candidate, very often, people resonate to the candidate, the Trump endorses, even if the candidate that Trump endorses isn't exactly a person who is likely to win a general election simply because they feel the person that Trump is ripping on is not sufficiently loyal to the cause. There are all these varying sort of eddies in American politics. And what this is amounting to is Republicans blowing the chance perhaps to actually win back the Senate or win a broader majority in the House of Representatives. Yesterday Nate silver is 5 38 switched its projection to forecast for the first time that Democrats will actually keep the United States Senate. That is a direct result of candidate selection by Republicans in primaries ranging from places like Georgia to places like Pennsylvania. Nate silver wrote on Twitter. It seems clear. There's something happening here and move into our Democrats in recent polls isn't just statistical noise. He says that something is probably in part or indeed mostly jobs, meaning the Supreme Court decision to overrule roe versus wade, but there are quite a few factors that will come to look better for Democrats over the past few weeks, including their legislative agenda.

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