How Todd Starnes and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson First Met


Have to tell folks the first time you and I met, it was a mount airy North Carolina mayberry. There was a big gathering. And so you were up there delivering this barn burner of a message. I mean, the crowd was going bonkers, and then it was like, now welcome Todd sterns, and I thought, oh, jeez. I can't follow Mark Robinson. That's a tough act to follow right there, lieutenant governor. Well, you know, I hear that from a lot of people, but you know, my own certain style of speaking. I love it. We are all in this together and we all have stuff to add and some folks maybe got something out of my speech. I'm sure that you came in right behind me and gave them something else that they could absorb and use for the purposes of holding on to our freedom. So we are all in this together and every part counts and no part is greater than the other. Well,

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