Stephanie Ruhle Wants to to Redefine the Word 'Raid'


Keep hearing a lot of people call with the FBI did at Mar-a-Lago a raid But for fact's sake here's the deal Law enforcement doesn't even use the term raid So what actually happened The Justice Department applied for and got a court authorized search warrant that gave them lawful authority to enter Trump's home When they raided his home And they grabbed everything they could And they went into the former First Lady's closet and went through a wardrobe Care if they got a warrant under the Fourth Amendment under an outrageous judge Who cares This was intended to try and humiliate Trump and the First Lady This is intended to find information Yes related to the presidential records act but even more so anything else they could find January 6th tax returns They get one shot They wanted to make sure Trump wasn't there And he wasn't This was in planning for weeks It involved two at least offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington and South Florida They want you to believe the attorney general knew nothing about it That's just not believable We don't have to believe anything these people say because they lie like a rug

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