'Tony Bobulinski Proves It: Our Elites Corrupted America'


Okay, so we were going to talk about one more piece. Tony, Tony bob olinsky. You have an article about this is one of the principal business partners of Hunter Biden, go ahead. So the piece is called Tony Bobbie proves it. Our elites corrupt in America be perhaps beyond redemption and the image is a whale rotting on the beach, which I propose as the new American flag for Joe Biden's America should be a dead whale decaying on the beach because that corruption is what we what we heard when Tucker Carlson interviewed Tony bob olinsky. We heard all sorts of details about the Biden crime family and engagement with communist Chinese businesses, controlled by the Chinese government, their secret deals, influence peddling, just really squalid stuff you would expect from like Honduras in the 1950s. The United fruit company giving an envelope full of $20 bills to a guy with a really bad mustache. But the worst part of this that I could see Tucker cuts to footage of Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress. Admitting that the FBI came to him ten days before the 2020 election. And told him to censor all information about the Hunter Biden laptop. And so he did it. The secret police goes to the media, tells them not to not report any information that would help the opposition against the regime so they don't. So they obey. This is what happens in Belarus. This is what happens in the Venezuela and in communist Nicaragua. We are living under a secret police that act like the East German Stasi

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