Charlie and Dr. James Lindsay on the Dangers of the COVID Mind Virus


Are not taking seriously this takeover of every major institution of our children of education, of finance, of sports, of language, and then 2020 happens. So doctor Lindsay was doing all this research and then Floyd a palooza in the summer of 2020 unfolds. They only known cure for COVID. Right, exactly. Where if you're burning down a Wendy's, it's better than wearing a mask. And so really a large parts of the conservative movement I use that term loosely were completely taken by surprise where all of a sudden everything was about race. It was about structural inequity, oppressor versus oppressed, and we are still living through the damage that was implemented from the summer of 2020. And I'm not even talking about the burn buildings. That is true. I'm talking about how they saw their moment to change curriculum, implement textbooks, take over HR departments, be able to change hiring practices, affirmative action quotas. They saw a 90 day window when everyone was locked down and cooped up, took over the entire PR narrative to really introduce in my opinion. This is provocative and the media will find this to be newsworthy. I think that mind virus has done and will do more damage than the Chinese coronavirus. Oh, absolutely. Let's not even a question. And as a matter of fact, he calls it a mind virus. Let's exonerate him a moment and make the media have a slightly harder job than just getting the ignore what I'm about to say. This is totally based and this is one of the things I read in the literature writing those fake papers is there is a paper that was published right here. Arizona state university, two professors. Brienne files and Michael Carter, if you want their names, we like to name names. They wrote this paper in 2016 called women's studies as a virus, and in the paper they explained that these ideologies like women's studies and it could extend a gender erase or whatever you want it to be. Are meant to operate. They said the ideal metaphor for what they do is a virus. They say an ideal metaphor for us would be viruses like HIV, Ebola, SARS, some viruses cause cancer. Well, cancer represents true transformative change. So that's good too. Conservatism, they say represents like the immune system. And normally you need the immune system to preserve the body. But in this case, the virus will be good for the body. So we have to suppress the immune system. This is really how they describe themselves. And

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