Rep. Mary Miller: Dems Want to Destroy Our Country With Woke Policies


The heritage foundation of this is from The Wall Street Journal today. They have an opinion piece up. The heritage foundation actually rated the U.S. Military as weak and at growing risk of not being able to meet the demands of defending America's vital national interest and this is it's down from marginal a year earlier is the first and the index is 9 year history. It looks as though there has been an effort congresswoman by the Biden administration to somehow weaken the United States military. And I think that's a very alarming thing. It is, but I think this is consistent with what we're seeing out of the Biden administration and the Democrats, all that has made America good. They are attacking and tearing apart. You know, they have some of them have come out and said they want to fundamentally transform our country, but in order to do that after tear us down first. And I believe it's an intentional destruction of all that made our country good and including our military that I know we have had a son and grandson that we've discouraged from joining the military because of the woke policies in particular and I believe it is really hurting recruitment they're pushing all this transgender things the green bad deal climate project and then now this vaccine mandate. And they are there's almost a wholesale denial of exemption requests. And number one, the pandemic is over. And number two, this vaccine doesn't prevent transmission. We know that. And some people have religious reasons not to want to take the vaccine.

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