Serena Williams says she is 'evolving away from tennis'


Serena Williams says she is ready to step away from tennis Williams told Vogue magazine she doesn't like the word retirement but wants to focus on having another child and her business interest Williams is playing this week in Toronto at a hardcourt tournament and hence the upcoming U.S. open may be her last tournament I don't know I guess there's just a light at the tunnel What is that like I don't know I'm getting closer to the light A reporter said Williams must be joking I'm not joking Serena Williams is approaching her 41st birthday and is one more Grand Slam singles titles in the professional era than any other woman or man What does giving up tennis mean to her Freedom Yeah I love playing though It's like it's amazing but you know it's like I can't do this forever Serena Williams says she will relish these next few weeks I'm Ed Donahue

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