Victor Davis Hanson and Eric Speculate on the Direction of America


Speculating on the direction of the country. And we have an early talked about the midterms and Trump. It seems to me that the blessing of the unfolding nightmare of this administration is that many people who are kind of on the fence are waking up and understanding, wow, I never dreamt that anyone could make Jimmy Carter look Reagan esque. I simply never dreamt that we could have this kind of series of unfolding disasters and disasters is almost a nice way of putting it. What happened in Afghanistan everywhere we look, we see kind of nightmares of historical proportions. And I think that's good for the republic because my thesis is always that we've been so spoiled as a nation that we've kind of acted as though I don't need to do much. We'll be fine. The pendulum swings back and forth. We don't we never took it seriously that we could swing so far away that we swing into cultural Marxism and the death of America, which is where I think we are now. So what are you thinking for the midterms and for Trump if you have any thoughts on that? Well, I think there's some historic changes that the Democratic Party is not aware of. They have been for the last ten years a party of the very, very wealthy, the dot com corporate and the very subsidized poor. And the Republican Party turned into a nationalist workers populist party and it drove out, of course, had never Trump elitists, but nevertheless, part of that is we're starting to see a reemphasis on class rather than race and that's a disastrous for the Democratic Party because race in their way of thinking LeBron James and Oprah or victims. But my point is that we're going to see, I think, 50% of the Hispanic vote and these are people that I live in a predominantly Mexican American community, whether it's outrage about gas prices, inflation, crime, all of the border, and I think that I've never seen anything like it. So I think there's going to be a big pickup in seats. I think they'll take the Senate, but more importantly, they have the, they're going to be identified with a lot of middle class people and race will be secondary.

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