Are Trump Boxes the Real Problem?


I do want to talk about allocation of bureau resource. You have a lot of FBI agents living in your state and they're important and valued members of our entire national fabric. They do great work. But I don't know where John Bolton lives, but the Iranian revolutionary guard corps could force does. I'm worried about people in front of justice Kavanaugh's house, including an attempted assassination of him. I'm worried about an open border. I'm I just don't know about the allocation of resources to boxes and Donald Trump's basement that this represents. Well, I can't argue with that and Marilyn probably has a higher percentage of FBI agents living there than any other state. I would imagine we've got a higher percentage of federal employees than any other state we surround the nation's capital. I just had a meeting with John Bolton last week in Annapolis. He lives in Maryland. And he does have security. I mean, I don't know all the details of these threats, but apparently it's still a concern. And we have been both Glenn youngkin and I, governor of Virginia, have been pushing the Biden administration to do more at the federal level to help us. It's been state and local police trying to enforce the law, but there are federal laws protecting the Supreme Court Justices, and they're really not doing it.

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