James Gunn With Hit the Lottery Despite Disgusting Tweets


Done is about to hit the fucking lottery. Part of the problem is you can't avoid grunge last two films where goddamn money makers. The first two Guardians of the Galaxy films grossed just under $2 billion. That means this guy could almost put shit on toilet paper and it would get a green light. He could still work again if he handed that in to a top fucking studio head. But even though he won't direct the third film, Disney is still using the script he wrote for the third film. And that means he'll be paid a lot of dough for that. On top of that, he was on the contract for the third movie using his script, but the offensive tweets occurred years ago. So technically he didn't breach the contract he signed with Disney's Marvel Studios to direct the third film in the franchise. That means if you follow this, he's in a very unique payer play situation with the studio. And that means there are people who estimate that due to this unique situation, this fuck face could receive a payout of 7 to $10 million, if not more. And I know that makes him very happy. I could see him listening to this show and laughing and smiling like he fucking beat the band. Now, here's a twist. And an example of how Hollywood rewards bad behavior. There's a possibility that gun might return to maybe develop and direct another marvel movie. So I ask you, what was his punishment? Really? What happened, you know, what did they do to him? But what exactly happened so bad to

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