John McGuire: The Inconsistency of My Opponent


I am looking at my tea leaves right, and I know where I stand, I'd love for you to be my state senator. I just think the world of you. You are going to be enter primary, but I mentioned Liz Cheney. I mentioned Adam kinzinger, some of these other folks up in D.C. who say, oh, we're really good for Republicans, but man, they're doing all the beating of the Democrats. Now, you've got sort of a similar situation on a local basis, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I think about the term wolf in sheep's clothing. And you've heard of rhinos, there's a guy that I'm running against, he's a supervisor in Louisa county, and there's a letter floating out there from a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who also served in this senator dick black and he's done some research and some other people have done some research and they found out that my opponent ran for Republican in the West Virginia House of delegates in 1982. And then he betrayed the Republican Party at a time when the Democrats were pushing the socialist pro abortion agenda. He left the Republican Party and joined that group and he ran at the Democrat in 82 with Walter Mondale and that crowd and then he ran the Democrat in 84 and then he moved to Virginia into this district where I'm running to be the state Senate and ran against one of the most conservative members of the House delegates Frank hargrove and Hanover county, who's a very beloved member of the House of delegates and against governor Allen who was on the ballot and he basically was on the ballot with Clinton. So he supported the Clinton and never seen the guy I mentioned the word Trump support Trump, anything else. He was supposed to be, but I'll tell you what, he's getting money. And so we've got to figure that out because people don't know this. There are

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