Tyler Bowyer Discusses Turning Point Action’s Rally with Ron DeSantis


Boyers here who runs turning point action, Tyler, welcome back. Hey Charlie, how are you doing? We're doing great and got a big weekend ahead. Oh, huge weekend. Tell us about it. We have governor Ron DeSantis making his first stop outside of the state of Florida. Here with us at turning point action in Arizona. And so Ron is has been kind enough. We ground him backstage. We're like, hey, we need you in Arizona as soon as this primaries over. Yep. He's like, heck yes, you bet I'll come out and he's coming. And it's going to be one of the largest political events I think in Arizona this year. We already have thousands upon thousands of people we had to move to the largest venue. Theater venue that we could find, which is where we hosted Trump last year for our event, pretty historically. It's huge. It was huge. And that's what really set the tone for the Arizona race last year anyways. And so we're really excited governor desantis is going to be with the great Kerry Lake. The inspirational Blake masters and then we're going to be focusing on all our big W's, which Arizona had a ton of wins, legislatively. Yep. And so Warren Peterson, who is in the state Senate, he's awesome, one of the greatest conservatives is going to be shouting out a lot of those wins for us. And so you want to be there. It's historic. You're not going to want to miss this. It really, it's akin to the Trump rally that we hosted in 2015, I think. Which is a big turning point in Arizona history where we're actually taking back conservative ground

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