Julie Kelly: Leaking Info to Corrupt Media Isn't Helping Garland


Julius is that why you think Garland gave this kind of rushed this is sniveling coward of a human being gave this rushed kind of pathetic presser yesterday where he just scuttled off without even taking a single question They must know this that the narrative they've lost the narrative at this point They've lost the narrative and I'll tell you Dan leaking information to The Washington Post and now just within the past 15 20 minutes to The Wall Street Journal Instead of letting the legal process or doing what they said that they were going to do which is wait until this afternoon to hear from Trump's lawyers and then they would release at their leaking it to the same regime propagandist who obliged the American people about everything related to Donald Trump for 6 years This does nothing to restore their credibility It actually burns it even further because the only people that Americans hate more and trust less than the federal government is the news media And they're giving it to these mainstream outlets who promoted the Russia collusion hoax and every other stupid scheme that the government has put the anti Trump government forces have put together So this is not in for Merrick Garland and Chris ray basically to low key threat in Americans for criticizing this or criticizing the agency That really is certainly not helpful and will infuriate people even more Julia I'm having

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