DOJ Agrees to Accept Special Master


Justice Department yesterday surprised all the Twitter lawyers by saying it would accept one of Donald Trump's recommendation for the special masters in the Mar-a-Lago document case. And I'm reeling because I was told by all of the lefties in the blue bubble that this was outrageous and they could never do this, then it was unprecedented. Rate of a former president's home is unprecedented. It's not what we did with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when she was running for president Donald Trump might be running for president. And it was just, but they assured me, everybody assured me all the Twitter legal experts, all the former U.S. assistant attorneys who haven't had a job in a long time who show up on MSNBC, a bunch of long tooth law professors who are 15 years old or niam are out there browsing that this can not happen. The DoJ will never have to accept it. It will be reversed ticket that the Supreme Court, and then Deion shows up yesterday and said, you know, we will accept one of the judges Raymond Derry that former president Trump's legal team had suggested, judge Derry is still a senior district court judge, meaning he's been trying cases and presiding over matters for since Ronald Reagan. I think he's 75 or 76. Again, former United States attorney, it's just in the United States attorney. Also was a member of the foreign intelligence surveillance court. Remember how they said it was going to be tough to find someone with the credentials to oversee classified material that's all judge Gary did for a lot of years because the foreign intelligence surveillance court, that's the court with which I am familiar most back from my Justice Department days at the one the only one I need to do with. I wasn't appellate lawyer. I was just dealing with Pfizer Lawrence going over to the Pfizer court. And judge Derry course qualified to do it in whether or not he turns back all 11,000 documents that Trump or none of them. It will be good to have that review for the benefit of those of us who are open to any result, but are not in a hurry to accept this Department of Justice word for it.

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