DOJ Has Been on a 40 Subpoena Blitz


As you mentioned, 40 subpoenaed DoJ has issued 40 subpoenas over the past week. Wow, that's a lot. So Boris Epstein, Mike Roman, had the phone seized. The actions represent a substantial escalation of the investigation. To which Jodie and I say yay, Dan scavino was one of the people getting a subpoena Bernard Carrick. There's that name again. Oh boy. So can we ask him about using the respite suite for the 9 11 first responders to bang his girlfriend just for fun? I'm sorry. Girlfriends. There were two mistresses that he was banging in the apartment. Once we get once we get them under oath, just to ask them that just for fun. Right, just because it was the anniversary of 9 11. Right. It was two mistresses behind his wife's back at the apartment 9 11 workers. And the other one was a porn star, right? Right. Yes. Okay, so my point is so that it's hard to keep track of all the crimes, right? The subpoena is for the plan to submit the fake electors, right? Some subpoenas also seek information into the activities of the save America political action committee, oh my God, how many separate investigations do is this now? Do you think what I don't understand is given everything we know about Bannon's help us build the wall grift and the save America thing, how is this guy raising a dime? Are there that many stupid people in America? Apparently. Yeah. Well, this guy Clark saying, you know, you lord, you'd think there's less fools in this world. You know, I mean, so why would anybody send them any money now? I know. So at least 20 of the subpoenas sought information about communications with lawyers who took part in the fake electors scheme, including Giuliani and John eastman, I mean, for those of us that have veruca salted about the Department of Justice, it does seem like they are on the move. Does it not? Well, they're driving, they drop paper on Stephen Miller, which is great, right. And they drop paper on Newt Gingrich. And I would sell tickets to watch Newt Gingrich in front of the January 6th

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