Professor Walter Hooper Recounts a Story About C.S. Lewis


When you first came to Oxford, I remember story that you went to maybe it was the bob land. I'm guessing, and you asked for anything by Lewis, but the term you used was Lewis, Louisiana. Can you do you remember that story? I don't think it's exactly as I told it. I may have asked for Louisiana, but I think together we worked it out. I worked so long in the bodleian over 50 years. And I was always working on Louis. So people who worked there called the readers by not by name, but by the name of the person they're researching. So I've called mister C is Lewis when I'm there. And I know a man who is Civil War Robert E. Lee and Hitler. Mister Adolf Hitler. You're kidding. Well, actually, one of the things about Hitler's. Is that the people that I work with have work with for years, these Curtis Brown, agents, literary agents and London. Well, they were Hitler's literary agents. And they have you're not kidding. No, I'm not. Curtis Brown where Hitler's literary agents. Some have they inherited they have the rights to they control the rights to mein kampf. But and all the children's stories that he wrote. Well, I understand that the royalties of mein kampf have been around for 50 years, and they built up quite a lot.

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