Dinesh Questions the FBI's Motive for Seizing Mike Lindell's Phone


The FBI has seized Mike lindell's cell phone this happened on Tuesday. Apparently lindell was at a hardee's drive-through in Mankato Minnesota. Several, I believe three FBI agents showed up. They produced a warrant. They asked lindell if he had a computer and a phone apparently, lindell doesn't even own a computer. He's like, I do everything on my phone. And they confiscated his phone. Lindell says, quote, they told me not to tell anybody. Okay, I won't. Well, I am. So lindell is not willing to keep this private. Apparently lindell was duck hunting. They came back, they were gonna get a bite, and then three cars with four FBI agents showed up. Now, the FBI agents stole lindell. We're not arresting you. We just have a warrant for your phone. And lindell said that they asked him some questions, including some questions about his website, Frank speech. And lindell then in interview said, quote, all I'm trying to do is get rid of voting machines and have our paper ballots hand counted election, so this seems to be part of a kind of widening net of Biden DoJ going after various types of people. The full story here is a little unclear because they're not the government is not clearly saying what they're after here. Steve Bannon had warned several days ago that a number of Trump people were kind of in the sights of the government. He implied that some of this was connected with January 6th. And initially I thought that maybe this is why they were going after lindell, but trying to suggest that because lindell had said, made remarks about the election that he was somehow complicit in January 6th, but it doesn't look like that's the case. At least as a New York Times report here that says that the agents who took the phone were interested in lindell's ties to a woman named Tina Peters. This is the clerk of mesa county, Colorado. She's evidently under indictment, not a federal indictment, but has stayed indictment because she was apparently trying to get some data from a dominion voting machine.

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