Is Selma Blair Unfairly Profiting Off Her MS?


You see Dancing with the Stars. Oh my God. So sour Michelle gallard. Started crying because she watched Selma Blair's very energetic performance on Dancing with the Stars the other night, cameras caught her crying in the audience getting very emotional, we all know that Selma was diagnosed with MS back in 2018 and she wound the crowd to the goddamn cartwheel into a split during the jailhouse rock, excuse me. You have an S you can do a cartwheel into a split, now something something's wrong here. Something's off. You know, I know, I know soma. I consider a friend we've talked many times, et cetera. I haven't talked through it a while, but I was talking to the wall she was suffering this and I thought she was very brave to go through it that actually went through it. But this is getting ridiculous now. You know, Sarah Michelle galar is like, oh, I'm so happy for her. She kept a smile on her face the whole time. You know, to do this 25 years after we worked in a movie, it's just amazing. I can't believe how brave she is. Okay. And someone admitted that the rehearsals were extra hard on her this week. That's a challenging, you know? I've got my muscles have to rely on muscle memory now and my body can shift at any moment because of the MS and she was nervous about nailing the fast paced movements of the dance, but guys, I'm sorry, you know what? I said this from day one from day one I said she's not going to get to the end. She's going to get into the middle of the season and then they're going to go, you were great. You showed everybody that MS can be something you can defeat if you just have the right attitude and you just have the right thing. It's horseshit. Selma Blair is not being completely upfront and honest. I know she adds stem cell treatment. She had that docu drama, whatever it was, a year or two ago in which she talked about it. this is not really fair. She's getting treatment that other people with MS can't afford and she's, you know, kind of profiting from it. I've seen MS up close. You don't go from a cartwheel to a split if you've got multiple sclerosis for God's sake.

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