Why the Georgia Race Will Go Down to the Wire


All right, Georgia and New Hampshire. We got about two minutes and then three races. I'm very high on hershel's improving ability to talk and talk to people directly as one guy to one voter. What do you think about Herschel? Yeah, look, he has an enormous strength, which is if there's an enormous reservoir of goodwill. And you're right. He's not been a political candidate. He's been a pro football player in a role model. Somebody who's talked about the challenges that he faced in his own life and how he found the courage to ask for help. I think he's an inspiring figure in your right. He's getting better as a candidate and his opponent is a left winter. Rafael warnick would be right at home representing the state of Massachusetts or Vermont. I mean, it's like he'd be a good California congressman from the Bay Area. I mean, so yeah, there's going to be a barn burner, very expensive and we're going to go right down to the end and fortunately, Herschel's on the ballot with Brian Kemp, who's going to, I think, help him by making it. They're not going to be a lot of people who vote for Brian Kemp and then vote for Rafael warning. Now,

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