Archaeologist Steven Collins on the Event That Took Civilization Offline for 7 Centuries


Was talking to my wife about this yesterday. dot coms. I said you know it's a funny thing because you're just the archaeologist. You find this stuff and then you have to turn over your findings to every kind of scientists many hostile to the fundamental idea. Evidently they seem to think what you and. I seem to think which is maybe the biggest headline of all. Yeah early in the dig when we started discovering all this kind of anomalous melted material stuff that looks like it had been exposed to rather high heat index. What do i do with that. I'm an archaeologist. I know how to dig dirt. I know how to recognize strata. I'm an expert on ancient pottery. All of that stuff. That goes with archaeology. But i'm not a physicist. I'm not an astrophysicist. I'm not kim. Mr a geologist so all that stuff had to be turned over to scientists who know what they're doing with that sort of thing and it actually wind wound up in the hands of a team of scientists. Call the the comment. Research group r. g. who has their well published in all kinds of scientific journals including the proceedings of the national academy of sciences. And now of course. Nature scientific reports on this particular paper that they wrote but they've been involved six or seven years in this analytical phase of the destruction layer for the middle bronze age at tall hamam which associates with the time of abraham and this particular layer had all kinds of indicators that they call them proxies of what's called media riddick or cosmic bowling airburst event that exploded over. Just the the side of a mom but exploded over the entire plane of the jordan were the cities of the plain. The cities of the car in genesis are located and it absolutely took civilization off line in that area for about seven centuries

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