Australia Implements Draconian COVID Policies


Just you know. Sydney has been in lockdown in australia. Since june twenty six and melbourne since august fifth the capital territory of con- beira locked down on august twelfth. After one positive test stemming from sydney emerged. Here's just some fast facts on the whole thing. We now have riot. Police firing rubber bullets into lockdown protesters. Rescue dogs are being shot to prevent volunteers. Travelling to collect them. Nighttime curfews have been implemented and one hour of exercise per day is allowed per citizen one hour of exercise per day. You're only allowed to travel five kilometers throughout australia. And the australian army patrolling suburbs to enforce lockdowns including in australia and in sydney they literally have members of the army. Patrolling house by house to make sure lockdowns are being enforced health bureaucrats advising the citizenry not to stop and talk to their neighbors while walking their dog.

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