Santiago 'PokerLogia' Mansilla: Acclaimed Author and Keeper of Poker Lore


Me what your story look. Like entering the world of cards. Okay well my book. Our journey began will buy in one poker book. I by syria. Fokker buysc lansky. How how old were you at. How are you are you now. I thirty seven now. This was like twenty years ago. Marlins and the guy who i bought the book was like a big fino worker books so like we we extend over. Phones became friends. And he invited me to a homing. He played with with other friends. Like thirty. twenty five thirty or guys blame. How are you now thirty seven and then when you got invited to the game twenty five maybe ten ten twelve years five twenty six. And where are you. Where are you from by the way. I'm from argentina. Argentina's how is the poker world in argentina. Now it's like swallow the virus. It's stopped the tournaments We have like long teams here like eight. Nine months Yes we we have got like a boom fokker bod. It started like in a twenty ten years ago more or less. Okay we'll pause there go back to your story so you're getting in poker you get invited. It's a little bit before the argentinian poker boonsak cool a so i became like the venue organizer game because they were playing strange shootout bit. Were the sleep. Players passed to the final table. And i told them guys. You can be reducing that on the tables unplanned like a regular tournament. Okay okay you do. Starting star was like twenty glance. They say no guys with one hundred ignites recovered light his okay well so i change all the tournaments became like the new the new boss of the hong and until now if today that that was ten years ago so it's very good group of friends that that that booker gave me.

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