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Patriots. The rookie Mac Jones drafted with the 15 pick in the first round, he becomes the starting quarterback. Many people love the fact that the Bill Belichick made this decision but book Macfarlane asked the question on Barton. Hot are the pages better with Mac Johnson starting quarterback and he responded like this, Bill Belichick told Mike Greece earlier today in the press conference. What's going to go into making this job? Consistency and playmaking. Consistency is not Cam Newton Cam Newton has been anything but consistent outside of 2015. So all along when you looked at all the factors, everything pointed to Matt Jones being the quarterback Now we still get amazed because we as older people sitting on this panel and on national television. We think back to Cam Newton of 2015. That guy doesn't exist anymore. The M V P doesn't exist. He's wildly inaccurate with the football and he's inconsistent. So we have the answer in now. What? When it comes to Mac Jones, this is going to be his job for the next 12 to 15 years of Bill Belichick has his way with success. Meanwhile, for Cam Newton that what now question Has a lot of different answers, including maybe not being in the National Football League. If he doesn't take a check back to say, I got to come in as a backup and not demand that the shot being a starter with with Mac Jones. It's going to be you know, when you need me to make a play on make a play. If the Reed is check it down, I'll check it down and he'll make that layup Throw. That's something Cam Newton has struggled with going back to something, Ben Hartzog told me years ago who played with Cam Newton for four years in Carolina. Four of his 10 in the National Football League, he said. In practice or games he would make these Michael Jordan like remarkable dunk plays, just highlight reels. But in that very next play It's You just missed the layup. Right? This little check down four yard pass. It gives us second and five and we're second in 10. You know, and and that crushes a team, especially at that level. Mac Jones is not going to miss that lay up. He's going to make this spectacular dunk, but he'll make some highlight real throws. He pushed the ball down the field, but he's not going to turn it over. And that's what Bill Belichick's looking for, and more than ever before. You can't put your defensive position where they feel they have to overcome you when you can't make the easy play, and Mac Jones showed so far that they don't have to worry about that as much as they would have had to worry about. If Cam Newton was still the starting quarterback each and every night about this time we give you a little something, something that could be a rant or could be arrayed, but it's always something that we like to call. Freddie

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